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final_kingdom's Journal

Final_kingdom: Where all come together
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`·.¸¸.·´'`·.¸¸.·´'`·.¸¸.·´ °º¤ [ F I N A L K I N G D O M ] ¤º° `·.¸¸.·´'`·.¸¸.·´'`·.¸¸.·´

This RP is currently INACTIVE.

Our adventures in the realm of final_kingdom begin after the happenings of Kingdom Hearts II, as our imaginary Kingdom Hearts III.

After all the Disney worlds were saved in the last interstellar jaunt, Sora, Riku and Kairi are back in their hometown feeling as if they are all safe at least. Unknown to them all is the uprising of Maleficent and her new plans to raise the undead in a new plot to destroy them all, in her desire to get closer to the Door of Light.

But this time, she realizes a new tactic. The key to Kingdom Hearts weren't the Disney worlds after all, nor even the princesses. Merely their hearts.

And the strongest hearts belong to those who fight their battles, who watch their loved ones die and are able to live on; heroes. In order to facilitate her plans to gain control of the Final Fantasy lands, she raises the dead members of Organization XIII, spouting promises of partial control over Kingdom Hearts, and allies herself with FFVII's clones, Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, with the assurances that she is able to bring back their Mother, JENOVA. With them, she plots the destruction of the Final Fantasy worlds, to collect the hearts of each warrior, and take Kingdom Hearts for herself.

Unaware of her plans, the heroes of Final Fantasy VIII live out their normal lives after the battle with Ultimecia--until reports begin coming in of mysterious doors that begin appearing all across their world, drawing in unsuspecting citizens down into darkness. Squall and his companions must ally themselves with Cloud and his party in order to stop Organization XIII and ultimately Maleficent once and for all, with some unexpected help from the Turks.

Will Sora make it on time? Will Maleficent, her newly resurrected Organization XIII, and her Sephiroth clones take over all of the Final Fantasy worlds and gain control of Kingdom Hearts, plunging the worlds into eternal darkness? It's up to you to decide!

Interested in joining? Wonderful! First, just to find out how things work around here, take a look down below...

1) Be polite. Need I remind you of this most basic of all communication etiquette? Keep it civil guys. In-character fighting/arguing is allowed--hell, it's expected. Just don't get yourself involved in a flame war over the way the plot's twisting, or... well, anything. Keep it in an IM or your own journals, I just won't allow bitching on my turf.
2) Keep on topic! So yes, waxing poetic on your new pair of Manolo Blahniks or even your newest KH purchase is not allowed here. That kind of post belongs either on your own journal, or you can post it on fk_oocs that's been created for just this kind of posting/interacting between members.
3) If you're in-character, stay in-character. Really, please. I see enough character-bastardization in badfic. So if you're playing Aeris for example and think Tifa is a Cloud-snatching ho-bag, please don't up and tell her as much. I can't see in any alternate universe where Aeris trashtalks her friends like that. If there is, it isn't Aeris. It's an Aeris-shaped Mary Sue.
4) When out of character(OoC). When you're OoC, please say as such. Bracket it off and mark it with "OoC". So, (OoC: What should I do next?).
5) Personal character journals. I want you to write in your personal character journals, and I want them to be updated. It doesn't have to be often, and I won't check up often either, but please write in them. Personal thoughts should go in there, highlights and ideas of what your character might be thinking, planning, etc.
6) There will be sex. I guess you'd have expected this. Both yaoi, yuri, and all the shounen/shoujo-ai in between will be allowed. Just be sure to mark it with the correct rating when you include it.
7) Know where to post. final_kingdom is actually broken up into several different communities, depending on which world you're in. fk_slums is made up of all the interaction done in Midgar/on Gaia in FFVII. fk_garden is the community you post in if you are in the FFVIII world. If you happen to be on another world, you'll be posting here, in final_kingdom.
8) Formatting. In your subject header of a new post, please mark the subject with the Day and the time that your post is taking place in (in game time--trying this in realtime will give everyone involved a headache and you know it). Mark the entry with your expected rating and your expected character involvement (who will be involved in this thread) and its status (if the comment threads have led to another post to be made, mark it as closed). When posting in final_kingdom, also include which world you're currently on.
9) Question, comments and concerns? Put them here. You can also try posting in the fk_oocs but this way, your comment gets emailed directly to me, and I'm a compulsive inbox-checker. Or you can always email/message me on MSN.
10) Have fun! Redundant, I know. But it'd be nice if you would. ^_^

Now, obviously you can't just suddenly jump in with a hastily-created account and an unclaimed character.

So, you'll have to apply for said character, over here in the Application Page. Obviously you can't claim a character that someone's already claimed unless it's been dropped, so check out the Claimed Characters List. Simple, isn't it? ^_^

Also, if you have questions, check out our FAQ to see if it's already been answered!

As previously stated, we have several communities to encompass the whole of our RPing. Here they are listed.

final_kingdom: This one. You're looking at its userinfo. The main community.
fk_slums: The Final Fantasy VII world. If you happen to be on that world, post there.
fk_garden: The Final Fantasy VIII world. If you're on that world, post there.
fk_oocs: This is the OoC community where you can be yourself and you can just talk about whatever you want with the other members, RP-related or not. ^_^

It'd be nice for your character journal to have everyone else friended also. The Claimed list is here for easier viewing than the userinfo's listed friends.

mirroredsakura: Right now there's only me. I can be emailed at mirroredsakura@yahoo.com and you can IM me at mirroredsakura@hotmail.com. (If you try and email my hotmail address, you're in for something of a wait. ^^;)