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Image hosting by Photobucket Welcome to Final Kingdom.

Upon the return of Sora, Riku and Kairi to their home on the Destiny Islands, they receive word almost instantly that their adventures have not yet finished. Maleficent is plotting a new uprising in a new attempt to take Kingdom Hearts for herself. This time, she realizes that the keys to the Door are hearts—strong hearts, the hearts of heroes. In order to do this, she raises the dead members of Organization XIII and allies herself with Sephiroth’s clones spouting promises she will never keep. In a battle between the Darkness and the Light, which side will win?

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FFVII: The Slums

FFVIII: The Garden

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The World That Never Was, Day Three, 1040 Hours [

12:34 ]

Rating: PG
Status: Open
Expected Character Involvement: Marluxia, Zexion, and anyone else in TWTNW that feels like joining
Summary: Marluxia, searching for Naminé on his own, encounters Zexion.

An Empty Person in an Empty PlaceCollapse )

The World That Never Was, Day 3 [

12:29 ]

Rating: PG (maybe a few cuss words though)
Expected Character Involvement: Organization members, possibly Maleficent if she choses to join
Status: OPEN

Practicing his aim...Collapse )

Day 2: 2313 [

8:20 ]

Rating: PG
Status: Closed
Expected Character Involvement: Maleficent, Xemnas, Axel and Demyx
Summary: Maleficent's tea time is interrupted not once by thrice.

Tea Time with a SorceressCollapse )

The World that Never was Day 1 11:00 Night [

7:15 ]

Rating: PG (maybe a few cuss words though)
Expected Character Involvement: Organization members! ...and MAYBE Maleficent? (if she comes in to ruin their plan! :o )
Status: CLOSED

Escape PlanCollapse )

Frequently Asked Questions [

1:52 ]

[ mood | sick ]

Here, I'll post up any questions and answers I/anyone else thinks are relevant for new applicants/players to know. Will be updated if I can remember any more questions.

The FAQCollapse )


Claimed Characters List [

1:15 ]

[ mood | sick ]

These are the characters currently available for RPing with, and also which ones have been claimed and which ones are free. Please check to see if your character is available before you try and submit an application over at the Application Form.

I will not be separating them into Heroes and Villains since you can really choose to be either. A Squall whose lost his Heart to the Heartless can still become a Nobody and wander around as a villain, for example. Thus, I will be sectioning them according to their original worlds/games.

The charactersCollapse )


Applications! [

12:43 ]

[ mood | busy ]

This is where you comment in order to submit your application. Please check the Claimed Characters List before you apply.

The Application



Character's Name:

Where they are from (I'm giving you free reign to pick what time/era/game you want to snatch up your character from. For example: either FFVIII!Seifer and KH2!Seifer.):

Character's appearance/description (how you want them to look/dress, and how they act/interact):

Sample Post (you can see some examples here in the old application form which you will NOT post in):

Extra Notes:

Once/if you are approved (and you probably will be approved), reply with a character journal so I can add it to the Claimed Characters List.


Applying for a character [

9:52 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

*please read plot/story before applying*
18 character are taken out of 47= 18/47

list and applyingCollapse )


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